Gruppo Motterle
Viale Zileri 4 36050 Monteviale (VI)
t. +39 0444 964190

Come Raggiungerci


Gruppo Motterle of Vicenza headed the Palazzo Garzoni Moro project, restoring and renovating the building’s historical and artistic features to offer an exclusive style of living in Venice.

The Group operated to preserve the prestigious Venetian building’s character, culture and history, and aimed to create contemporary and finished residential units that combine high-end comforts and exquisite charm with everyday living. Building and planning decisions – targeted at meeting high quality standards and catered to reflect the building’s architectural importance – went hand in hand with seeking out leading solutions in terms of materials, technology, ergonomics and energy-efficiency.

Gruppo Motterle has more than 50 years of experience in the property industry, developing high-profile architectural and urban planning projects that renew and renovate buildings with acute historical sensitivity.

The group’s extensive experience in the field of restoring and renovating prestigious historical buildings, evidenced by successful projects in Italy and abroad, make Gruppo Motterle an industry benchmark.